Owners: Todd and Corey Hayden

Todd is the Ho Scho mastermind. He is from Oklahoma where he joined the marine corp in 1993, and then later earned his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Oklahoma State University, and met his wife, Corey. They came to Texas to start their veterinary careers. After 7 years of Veterinary Medicine, Todd decided he was ready for a change and somehow convinced Corey to join him in starting Hop Scholar Ale House.

Todd spent years passionately evaluating, enjoying, and learning about beer. Now he wants to share it with any and everyone willing to walk into the doors of Hop Scholar. Some of this education was enjoyed at Southern Star Brewery where Dave and the guys taught him about brewing. Todd became frustrated at the lack of availability of craft beer in our area. He knew he wasn’t alone in wanting a place closer to home where he could enjoy quality craft beer. Thus the birth of Hop Scholar Ale House. We hope you enjoy and come back often.

We have big dreams but small pocket books at this time. We will be constantly improving as we can. We hope you see positive changes every time you visit. One of our next ventures is food. So relax, get comfortable, and enjoy the hard work of some the best breweries around.

Side note:

Todd and Corey own Rayford Animal Wellness Clinic (RAWC). Where pet’s aren’t just cool-They RAWC! 🙂 They focus on affordable spays and neuters but can also help with all of your pet’s health needs. Give them a call at (281) 667-9360 or check out their website or facebook.

Under construction-bios and personal pics to come.